Coconut Lime Glazed Muffins

Creamy, Tropical Coconut is accented with a Tart Lime Glaze, in this light, moist, and flavorful Muffin Recipe.  So Quick and Easy to Make- Perfect for a Summer Breakfast or Brunch!

Coconut Lime Glazed Muffins | Baking a Moment

Hello, baking friends!  Did you have a nice weekend?  Wasn’t the weather just spectacular?  Spring temperatures had a slow start this year, but I’m so happy that it hasn’t been one of those times where we go straight from cold Winter to hot Summer, with no real Spring in between.  Here in the Philadelphia area, it’s been sunny and in the mid 70’s to 80’s, with low humidity.  Doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Today I’m sharing a recipe that I developed for KitchenAid, with Father’s Day in mind.  Can you believe it’s this coming weekend?  Are you ready for it?  I’ve got cards and gifts, and we’ll be heading to the Jersey shore to spend time with Mr. Allie’s family for a fun brunch.

Coconut Lime Glazed Muffins | Baking a Moment

The coconut love affair continues.  And this recipe has made my coconut passion even more ardent.

Guys, this is one of the best things I think I’ve ever made.  I based the recipe off of my Simply Perfect Blueberry Muffins (which are also fabulous, btw!), but gave it every coconut twist I could possibly think of.  Seriously, the coconut flavor is so intense.  There’s four different coconut components in the muffins.  And the texture is just incredible.  So unbelievably light, and tender, moist, with a delicate sweetness and that unmistakable creamy, tropical taste.

Coconut Lime Glazed Muffins | Baking a Moment

The lime glaze is unbelievable.  So tart and citrusy!  It gives such an amazing contrast, and I’m totally obsessed with this combination!  Just like a perfect, portable breakfast bite of Summer.

Coconut Lime Glazed Muffins | Baking a Moment

So click on over to The Kitchenthusiast to grab this fabulous recipe!  It’ll be a great addition to your Father’s Day brunch menu 😉


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      I know, wasn’t that nuts? I proposed this idea to KitchenAid back in March, so, way before I knew about the shortage. I was regretting it big time by the time May rolled around! But the awesome flavor combo made it worthwhile 😉 Thanks so much for commenting, Cate!

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    Love these muffins Allie, they look incredible! Lime and coconut is such an awesome combo and with that lime glaze draping down the sides – oh my – I’ll take the whole batch please :) Pinning and popping over to check out the recipe.

  2. says

    Beautiful muffins, Allie, and I love that they’re so coconutty! I love lime and coconut together, so these are totally calling my name. Going to check out the recipe now!

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    Allie, these coconut lime muffins look absolutely incredible. I love that you were able to incorporate so.much.coconut into these. Yum! And that thick lime glaze looks divine. (I sort of wish I didn’t have to work today so that I could stay in my pjs and make these muffins instead. But that would be a really bad decision, haha!)

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    I’m seriously so excited to try these! I clicked over to print the recipe. I have a 5-quart KitchenAid aqua mixer and use it ALL the time, so I have to ask… how did you get to be a contributor? Is there an application process, or did they reach out to you? Thanks again for the recipe!!

      • says

        Perfect. I checked out the link and will purchase. I always feel like such a dolt… I know so much about cooking (and my catering is a nice compliment to the blogging) but the blogging jobs are more lucrative than catering (on a per hour basis). So, I am trying to catch up to speed, but always feel like I am about 10 steps behind. Thanks for the link! :)

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    I.LOVE.THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Lime and coconut is like MY FAVORITE- ST flavor combo EVER and I know for a fact that I am going to face plant into these muffins! They look DELICIOUS!!!!! And that glaze is making my self control weaker every passing second!


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