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Rocky Road Sandwich Cookies | Baking a Moment

Rocky Road Sandwich Cookies

Soft, Gooey Double Chocolate Cookies with Crunchy Peanuts are Sandwiched around a Fluffy Sweet Vanilla Marshmallow Filling.  Indulge in this Decadent Rocky Road Recipe!...

Nutella S'mores Tart | Baking a Moment

Nutella S’mores Tart

A Crunchy, Buttery Graham Cracker Tart Crust is filled with Chocolate-y Nutella Spread and Topped with a Marshmallow Meringue.  Toast the Meringue until it’s...

Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers | Baking a Moment

Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers

Homemade Graham Crackers get a Deep, Dark color and Distinctive Flavor from Dutched Cocoa Powder. Double Chocolate S’mores, Ice Cream Sandwiches, or Homemade Funfetti...