Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Your loved ones will adore this gorgeous red velvet cheesecake!

24 Oreos

5 tbsp Butter

24 oz cream cheese

1 cup sugar

3 tbsp cornstarch


4 eggs

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 egg yolk

1/4 cup butermilk

2 tsp vnilla extract

1 tsp white vinegar

1 1/2 tbsp red food coloring

Red Velvet Cheesecake


12 servings


4 hrs 35 min

Step 1

Combine cream cheese, sugar, cornstarch, cocoa powder, and salt.

Step 2

Beat the ingredients together on medium low speed.

Step 3

Beat the eggs in one at a time. Add the extra yolk, buttermilk, food coloring, and vinegar.

Step 4

Cream together until blended.

Step 5

Pour the batter over the chocolate crust.

Step 6

Place the cheesecake in a water bath. Bake until the sides are set. Bake for 15 minutes at 400 F. Lower temp to 300 F, and bake for 70 minutes.

Step 7

Allow cheesecake to come to room temperature then chill for 2 hours or overnight.

A decadent treat to share

with your Valentine!

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