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Rocky Road Sandwich Cookies
Prep Time
45 mins
Cook Time
17 mins
Total Time
1 hr 2 mins

Soft double chocolate cookies with crunchy peanuts are sandwiched around a fluffy sweet vanilla marshmallow filling. Indulge in this decadent rocky road recipe!

Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: rocky road cookies, rocky road sandwich cookies
Servings: 21 sandwich cookies (approximately)
Calories: 329 kcal
For the Marshmallow Filling
For the Chocolate Peanut Cookies
To make the Marshmallow Filling:
  1. Place half the water in a large mixing bowl, and sprinkle the powdered gelatin on top. Set aside and allow to soften.
  2. Combine the sugar, corn syrup, remaining water, and salt in a medium saucepan, and set over medium-high heat.

  3. Allow the mixture to come to a boil, swirling the pot occasionally (do not stir).

  4. Attach a candy thermometer to the side of the pot, and keep the mixture at a low boil until it reaches 238 degrees F.

  5. Slowly and carefully pour the hot syrup over the gelatin mixture, while whipping at medium speed.
  6. Increase the speed to high and continue to whip until the marshmallow is stiff, glossy, and white.

  7. Stir in the vanilla extract, and allow to cool (at room temperature) for about an hour.

To make the Chocolate Peanut Cookies:
  1. Place the butter in a medium pot and melt it over low heat.
  2. Remove from heat and stir in the sugars.
  3. Crack in the eggs, stirring vigorously.
  4. Add the vanilla, then the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt, and stir until fully incorporated.

  5. Fold in the chocolate chips and peanuts, and scoop by the tablespoonful onto parchment-lined baking sheets. Press to flatten slightly.

  6. Chill for 30 minutes.

  7. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.
  8. Bake the cookies for 10-12 minutes, or until the edges are set, but the middle of the cookies are still soft.

To assemble the Rocky Road Sandwich Cookies:
  1. Scoop about a tablespoon of marshmallow filling onto the bottom of half the cookies. (I found a small ice cream scoop works really well for this. Mist it lightly with non-stick spray first!)

  2. Sandwich the remaining cookies on top and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts
Rocky Road Sandwich Cookies
Amount Per Serving
Calories 329 Calories from Fat 108
% Daily Value*
Fat 12g18%
Saturated Fat 5g31%
Cholesterol 29mg10%
Sodium 114mg5%
Potassium 151mg4%
Carbohydrates 53g18%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 41g46%
Protein 5g10%
Vitamin A 163IU3%
Calcium 30mg3%
Iron 2mg11%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.