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To all the super dads and granddads out there: here are some necktie cookies for Father’s Day:

Making these cookies can be a great boredom-buster for kids on summer break!

Use your favorite cutout cookie recipe.  Here are two of mine:

Sugar Cookies 
Gluten- and Dairy-Free Sugar Cookies

 Kids love dumping the ingredients into the mixer, turning it on, and watching the dough come together.  I give mine a little hunk of the dough to play with so that I can let my anal-perfectionist-virgo-freak flag fly while rolling and cutting out the shapes…

Speaking of which, I drew mine on heavy cardstock and let my five-year-old cut it out.  That was my template, which I layed on the dough and cut around with a paring knife.

Kids can help make the royal icing too!  Here’s a great recipe:

Royal Icing

As you can see I’m a big fan of Sweetopia…  be sure to also check out her decorating tutorials!

Make a few extra cookies for the kids to decorate!

I made these for a Father’s Day Brunch, and will be setting them out on a platter, but if you are lucky enough to have lots of dad’s in your life, and want to give the cookies as gifts, try packaging them in clear cello bags tied with a handsome ribbon.

Have a happy Father’s Day from YinMomYangMom!


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