Introducing an exclusive email series that will help you host your most relaxing, delicious, and memorable holiday feast yet!

Square image collage of typical holiday food items and Allie from Baking a Moment

I am so excited to be sharing this with you today!

I’ve been busy working on this behind the scenes, for weeks now!

Every now and then, I get an email from a reader asking me if I have a cookbook they can buy. I don’t, because I just love the instant gratification I can give with digital content!

But now, I have this: Best Holiday Ever!

Think of it like a cookbook but in digital form.

This exclusive email series will take your entertaining to the next level!

It’s chock-full of over 40 recipes, and it’s AD FREE!

Vertical image collage of typical holiday food items and Allie from Baking a Moment

What you’ll get

When you subscribe to this series, you will receive:

3 recipes… EVERY DAY (for 2 weeks, leading up to the holidays).

Each email contains:

  1. PDF of each recipe
  2. Printable instructions (to put in a binder)

    Expect your first email as soon as you’ve confirmed your subscription. Every day after that will have a new theme with new recipes.

    They’ll be delivered straight to your inbox as pdf files. You can save them to a folder on your hard drive, OR print them out and put them into a binder.

    Those of you who want “just the recipe?” Who get frustrated with all the extraneous added info you have to scroll through on recipe blogs?

    **This is for you!!!**

    Here’s a little sampling of what you’ll receive when you subscribe:

    • Tempting Starters
    • Holiday Bread Basket
    • Potato Perfection
    • The Bird is the Word

    Plus so much more!

    There are 14 mouthwatering themes, one each and every day.

    Do you want all my best tips and tricks for a relaxing, delicious, and memorable holiday feast?

    Just click the button below, and enter your info on the page that pops up!

    * to exit the purchase page, just click anywhere outside of the popup window *


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