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Work with Me

I enjoy working with brands and can offer several ways to partner with your company and help you reach your goals!  I am loyal to brands that I feel offer an exceptionally high-quality product, and am happy to pass recommendations along to my readers.  Here are some of the ways I would like to help to promote your brand:

Guest Blogging: Recipe development is really where my talents shine.  I would love to create a recipe that truly showcases your product!  If your brand has a blog, I can act as a contributing writer, providing you with a full blog post, including tips/tutorials, recipe, and mouthwatering photography.  Or you can just post the recipe and photography on your website or Facebook page, along with proper credit/attribution.

Brand Ambassadorship:  If your product shares a similar target audience with the content you find here on Baking a Moment, then perhaps I could be a good representative for your brand, on a longer-term basis.  Email me so we can discuss further details!

Sponsored Posts: If your product is a good fit for this site, I’d love to feature it here!  Sponsored posts consist of a dedicated blog post, with photography and recipe, shared with my blog readers, and promoted through my social media channels.

Photography:  Let’s work together to bring your vision to life.  Allow me to show your food off to it’s best advantage.  I can provide beautiful images, suitable for web and/or print.

Videography:  Create a custom video recipe tutorial.  Food videos are wildly popular, and a great way to increase brand awareness through product placement.

Event Representation/Correspondent: I enjoy attending events and conferences!  Allow me to represent your brand and/or promote your event.

Product Reviews/Giveaways: My readers are interested in my experience with different products, and I always provide honest and heartfelt opinions.  Giveaways are a great way to reward readers for their loyalty, as well as gain social media followers for your brand page.

Sidebar Advertisements: A variety of sizes/placements are available within the sidebar of my blog.  Ads will be made visible on every page of my blog’s content.  Contact me for further details/rate sheet.

Social Media Amplifications:  Do you have a new product line or special offer that you’d like to promote?  If this is something that would be of interest to my followers, I’m happy to share your message through my social media channels.

Please take note:  I do not publish guest posts on my website.  All sponsored posts comply with FTC guidelines, and include proper disclosure.  All links are coded no-follow.

Contact me at BakingAMoment(at)gmail(dot)com to customize a package, and for a copy of my media kit, which details the reach and audience demographic of Baking a Moment, as well as my total social media influence, brands that I’ve worked with in the past, and other sites on which my work has been featured.

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