Lemon Berry Swirl Mini-Cheesecakes! So cute, and completely gluten-free :)

Lemon Berry Swirl Mini-Cheesecakes

This is a sponsored post, written by me, and created in partnership with PARTNERS, A Tasteful Choice Company.  All opinions expressed herein are straight from my heart.   These bite-sized mini-cheesecakes make a perfect afternoon snack!  With a creamy lemon base, and a tart and fruity berry swirl, they pair beautifully with their crunchy, gluten-free,… 

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Mango Chile Flan- LOVED the hint of spice in this fruity custard! Surprisingly simple to make too ;)

Mango Chile Flan

This flan recipe is just like the classic Latin dessert, but with a twist!  Infused with fruity mango and spiked with a kick of chile pepper, you’ll love the sweet/spicy flavor of this smooth, creamy custard! Hey all!  How’s your week so far?  Mine’s good- I managed to get my living room walls and trim painted… 

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Oatmeal Raisin Blondie Recipe- makes a great after-school snack!

Oatmeal Raisin Blondies

Whip up a quick batch of Oatmeal Raisin Blondies for your kids’ after-school snack!  They’re moist and fudge-y, just like your favorite brownie, but with all the warm fall flavors of brown sugar, cinnamon, chewy oats, and plump raisins! Hey everybody! Welp, I’m home from vacation.  We had a great time!  Lots of sun, surf,… 

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Simple as can be and so refreshing! These melon balls in tea with blueberries and mint will definitely be making an appearance at our next brunch! #ad

Melon in Tea with Mint and Blueberries

 This is a sponsored post, written by me, on behalf of Pure Leaf.  All opinions expressed herein are straight from my heart. Make this elegant fruit salad for your next brunch!  Melon balls are soaked in sweet tea, and accented with sweet blueberries and herbal mint.  It’s simple as can be, and so refreshing!  Naturally… 

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Chocolate Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treat Ice Cream- SWOON!

Chocolate Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treat Ice Cream

This rich chocolate ice cream recipe is rippled with gooey marshmallow sauce and studded with crunchy rice krispie treats!  Hands-down my favorite ice cream ever.   Omg you guys.  I made the most incredible ice cream ever.  I’m so serious. Ice cream is totally ruined for me forever now.  Nothing else will ever hold a… 

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How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatments that are Beautiful and Practical | Baking a Moment

Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments that are Beautiful and Practical

Everything I learned about choosing kitchen window treatments that are both beautiful and practical:  If you have concerns about durability, light control, or privacy, and you want your kitchen to look beautiful and stylish, this is the post for you!  Good morning everyone, and happy hump day!  I know this isn’t my usual post day… 

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McConnell's Ice Cream Giveaway on Baking a Moment

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams Giveaway

Today I’m giving away a fabulous assortment of Fine Ice Creams from McConnell’s!   Hey friends!  I’m currently relaxing on a beach somewhere in the Outer Banks of NC, but I’ve scheduled this fun giveaway for ya while I’m gone! I just can’t believe summer is almost over already.  I didn’t eat nearly enough ice… 

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Coconut Horchata Iced Coffee: This iced coffee is so creamy I could hardly believe it was dairy-free. Loved those hints of coconut, almond, and cinnamon too!

Coconut Horchata Iced Coffee

This is a sponsored post, written by me, and created in partnership with iCoffee.  All opinions expressed herein are straight from my heart. Need a pick-me-up?  Try this Coconut Horchata Iced Coffee recipe!  It’s cold and creamy, and spiked with cinnamon, almond, and rich coconut flavor.  Such a delicious summer treat, you won’t believe it’s… 

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Coconut Horchata- tastes just like a rice pudding milkshake, with a hint of tropical coconut :)

Coconut Horchata

This creamy, dairy-free drink tastes just like a rice pudding milkshake!  You’ll love the hint of cinnamon, toasted almond, and coconut in this fun twist on traditional Mexican horchata.   We did something totally new and different over the weekend!  Well, new to us anyway.  We went to a Nascar race!  I know, WOW! If… 

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Frozen Sangria Slushies! Omg never again will I spend hours marinating fruit in wine. Just plop it in the blender and whiz! This is life changing.

Frozen Sangria Slushies

Cool off this weekend with a couple of Frozen Sangria Slushies!  There’s no need to wait hours while your fruit to soaks in red wine, when you can blend it all up with brandy, orange liqueur, and cinnamon in just a few seconds.  You’ll love this refreshing twist on the classic cocktail!   Happy Friday,… 

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Best Pound Cake Recipe I've ever tried! There's no chemical leaveners so all you taste is the butter and eggs. Those gingered brown butter peaches take it totally over the top!

Best Pound Cake Recipe, with Gingered Brown Butter Peaches

The Best Pound Cake Recipe I’ve ever tried!  This all-butter loaf is moist as can be, full of rich flavor, and crowned with crackly, crumbly crust.  You’ll love it topped with juicy Gingered Brown Butter Peaches!  Ok- confession time: I’m coming off a real bad case of blogger burnout. Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t been… 

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This No-Bake Cherry Crumble is loaded with sweet summer cherries and topped with a buttery, spiced crumb topping. With a dollop of Greek yogurt, I think it can even qualify as breakfast food!

No-Bake Cherry Crumble

Too hot to bother with the oven?  Try this easy, No-bake Cherry Crumble!  Sweet, plump cherries are sprinkled with buttery streusel crumb topping, toasted almonds, and a dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt for a cool and comforting summer dessert (or breakfast!).  Do you guys remember those Black Forest Waffle Sundaes I made a few weeks back?… 

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I find myself using this basic streusel recipe ALL THE TIME! It's so good on breads, muffins, and fruit crisps, and you can customize the recipe in so many different ways.

Basic Streusel Recipe

You’ll find yourself using this Basic Streusel Recipe over and over again!  It’s so simple to make, in just one bowl, and it’s great on everything from muffins and breads, to pies and fruit crisps.  This buttery, sweet crumb topping is sure to be a favorite on all your best homemade baked goods!  Yes, you… 

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