Strawberry Rose Macarons

Celebrate Mom with a Beautiful Edible Gift this Mother’s Day!  Macarons make a Special Handmade Treat, Especially when Paired with Seasonal Strawberry and Infused with the Delicate Floral Fragrance of Rose. 

Strawberry Rose Macarons | Baking a Moment

If you are looking for a sweet way to show your mom how much you love her this weekend, look no further than this Strawberry Rose Macaron recipe! Macarons are such a special treat, and with good tools and the right technique, they are so much fun to make. Aren’t they pretty? Click over to The Kitchenthusiast to check out the recipe and tutorial!

Strawberry Rose Macarons | Baking a Moment

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    I am always just amazed at your gorgeous pastry treats, Allie. These macarons are unbelievably gorgeous and obviously I’m going CRAZY over their beautiful pretty pink color! Macarons have been on my must-make list, but I’ve always been too nervous to try them. I think you just gave me the push I needed. 😀 pinned!

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      They can be so tricky, Sarah, I don’t blame you one bit for being nervous. I’ve made them a ton of times, and still I have fails sometimes. But the more I do it the more I understand the process and how they behave. When I learned that ribbon trick it was like a lightbulb went on. I hope you give them a try! They really are such a fun challenge. And thanks so much for the sweet comment! xoxo

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    These are gorgeous!!! going to check out the recipe right now! I still haven’t tackled macarons yet, but I want to try them soon! Hope someone makes you a batch of these this weekend :)

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      You too, Melanie! I just know you’d be great at macarons- anybody that can bake such beautiful loaves will surely have great success. Thanks so much for the sweet comment and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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    These are absolutely beautiful. I just ate my first macaroon a few weeks ago and were sold. I especially like that my wheat sensitive husband can have the french version made with the almond flour. You have a new follower from Cookin’ for the Seven Dwarfs.

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    You are an incredible photographer! These are some of the most gorgeous macarons EVER. The pink is so pretty! Clicking over to get the recipe – I can’t resist :)

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    I have wanted to try making macarons for the longest time and just never seem to get around to it! What a great mother’s day gift! My mom would love these – especially with that gorgeous color!

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    I’ve never seen strawberries paired with rose before, but it seems like an obvious pairing now you’ve mentioned it. And what BEAUTIFUL photos. Especially the second one down. Definitely pinning this!

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    Allie, these look absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day! I still haven’t worked up the guts to try making my own macarons (I know, I know!) but after seeing this step-by-step tutorial, I definitely need to give thesm a try. I also just happened to buy a little jar of rosewater so I feel like this recipe was meant to be!

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    I totally agree, Allie. These macaroons are so pretty and I am sure they taste amazing, too. I just love macaroons so much! Also, I am loving the pictures in this post – everything looks so perfect, inviting and delicious. Can’t wait to head over for the recipe!!

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    The macarons turned out beautifully, Allie! Gorgeous pictures also. Love the props and styling. Will have to pin the recipe for later attempts!

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    So so pretty – they are just perfect for Mother’s Day! Love the sound of the flavors and can’t wait to check out the recipe :) Hope you have a great Mother’s Day Allie!

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    Hi my name is Nora, and I am OBSESSED with these macarons. I’m just sorry I didn’t see these sooner. The flavor pairing is a thing of beauty, and I definitely have to try it out! Pinned!


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