Everything I learned about choosing kitchen window treatments that are both beautiful and practical:  If you have concerns about durability, light control, or privacy, and you want your kitchen to look beautiful and stylish, this is the post for you! 

How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatments that are Beautiful and Practical | Baking a Moment @TonicLiving

Good morning everyone, and happy hump day!  I know this isn’t my usual post day but since I am away on vacation, my week is all topsy-turvy!

This is something I have been wanting to share with you for sooo long but I just haven’t been able to find the right moment.  I know how much you guys love your recipes and I wanted to make sure all the seasonal, summer stuff got to you at just the right time.  But now, being away, and knowing that we are getting into back to school season (some of you are probably already there!), it seemed like the perfect time to bring you the second installment of my kitchen mini-reno series!

How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatments that are Beautiful and Practical | Baking a Moment @TonicLiving

You guys may remember that I have been busily working on a kitchen makeover over the last few months.  Last time, I told you all about what I learned about painting kitchen cupboards.  The transformation can be really remarkable!  I still can’t get over what a difference a few coats of paint can make.  If you haven’t already seen it, I urge you to click over and learn more!  If you’re on a tight budget (like I always seem to be!) it’s a great way to get a completely new look on a shoestring 😉

When my painting contractor arrived to start work, one of the first things he did was to take down my existing roman shades.  At first I thought I could just launder them and put them back up when he was done, but it didn’t take long for me to realize they were just done.  They were cheap to begin with, and after 5 years of total neglect, they were literally falling to pieces.

So I started the hunt for some pretty new fabric in my favorite color palette of cool grays, watery blues, and spring green.  It didn’t take long before I unearthed the most incredible resource: Tonic Living.

I ordered a swatch of this fabric, and when it arrived my heart skipped a beat.  I had already known that the print would be perfect, but when I felt the weight of the fabric, and the gorgeous texture, I was totally smitten.

Fleur, Summer, via @TonicLiving

Fleur, Summer, via Tonic Living

My countertops are just laminate but I like them.  They have a really pretty range of color and a nice texture that looks uncannily similar to natural stone.  When I placed the fabric swatch next to the surface, along with the brushed bronze hardware I had already purchased, it was almost like the fabric had been made just for my kitchen.

So I didn’t hesitate to reach out to the owner, Janine, and find out more about their custom sewing services.  Janine is such a sweetheart and so super-helpful.  In the past, I had only ever DIY-ed projects like this, but when I saw just how beautiful and high-quality the fabric was, I thought it deserved better.  So I decided to splurge on custom window treatments and I’m so happy I did.

How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatments that are Beautiful and Practical | Baking a Moment @TonicLiving

When we started the process, I really didn’t know what exactly I should get.  But Janine and Heather were such a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and they were so patient with me as I worked through the pros and cons of all the different possibilities.

Originally, they suggested drapes for the big triple window you see above.  I think that would have looked absolutely phenomenal, but I had concerns about my messy boys splashing chocolate milk all over that luxurious fabric, and my heart shattering into a bazillion pieces.

So then, the question became, functional Roman shades or a “dummy” shade, which looks like a Roman but doesn’t actually go up and down.  Light control is an absolute must in my kitchen, as the windows face west and by midday I am squinting in the harsh sunlight.  But the idea of a dummy shade once again spoke to my practical side.  If it’s always up and out of the way, there’s less chance of the shades getting stained.

I quickly priced out white blinds and found that whether I chose functional Romans alone, or a combo of dummy Romans plus easy-to-clean faux wood blinds, I was looking at about the same total price.  So I went with the dummy shades and the blinds!  I really feel like it’s the best of all possible worlds.  When I want to flood my kitchen with light, the blinds can completely disappear behind that gorgeous valance.  When I start feeling squint-y, I can lower the blinds and filter the light.  And at night, when we want privacy, I shut them completely.  All this without ever having to worry about splashes or stains on my fabulous, high-end custom window treatments.

How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatments that are Beautiful and Practical | Baking a Moment @TonicLiving

I am so pleased with my faux-Roman shades from Tonic Living.  The quality is absolutely top-notch.  Can you see the piping around the edge?  I am totally a details person and the craftsmanship totally wow-ed me.  Plus, they were easy-peasy to install (I did it myself, didn’t even need any help at all), and the team was an absolute dream to work with.

Definitely check out Tonic Living if you love textiles and want to incorporate some statement-making prints and gorgeous textures into any room of your home.  I’ve already got my eye on some other fabrics and I can’t wait to take the plunge.  There is a bench at our front entry that could use a pretty cushion, and I’m thinking this would be perfect, especially if I pair it with a couple of punchy pillows.

Tuscany Linen Oatmeal Slub, via @TonicLiving

Tuscany Linen, Oatmeal Slub, via Tonic Living

We’ve got gray, orange, and blue in the nearby rooms, so I’m thinking this one and this one would tie everything together so beautifully!  What do you think?

Sierra, Ink, and Spice Market, Fruity, via @TonicLiving

Sierra, Ink, and Spice Market, Fruity, via Tonic Living

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Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post, but I did receive a media discount in exchange for posting my honest opinions about Tonic Living, the fabrics they offer, and their custom sewing services. 

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How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatments that are Beautiful and Practical | Baking a Moment


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