Who doesn’t love having a NYE celebration twice?

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This Monday begins the Chinese year of the Dragon; let’s get our freak on with a Chinese twist on a sweet food trend for 2012!

Green tea originated in China but has become popular all over the world, especially for it’s antioxidant properties.  I dig it for the polyphenols and flavonoids, but also for its delicate flavor that plays so well against the mild, sweet almond of the macaron shell.  Not to mention it’s got such a pretty color!  (I’m a sucker for a pretty package, I just can’t help it, I’m a chick…)

Mandarin oranges are the most popular fruit to eat during the Chinese New Year.  I’ve added some zest and juice to a white chocolate meringue buttercream and filled my pretty green shells with it.  I love how the tangy citrus contrasts with the delicate, mild flavor of the green tea…

Here’s how to make ’em for your pack of wild dragons:

Use the basic macaron method outlined here, but add in the contents of one (per egg white) tea bag’s worth of green tea to the almond/powdered sugar mixture in the food processor.

(You can also put an eensy-weensy drop of green food coloring into the meringue if you’re all into looks.  Like me.)

Use my meringue buttercream recipe, adding an ounce and a half of melted and cooled, high-quality white chocolate.  It will be so silky creamy yummy your eyes will roll back in your head.  Now mix in about a half teaspoon of orange zest and a dribble of the juice.  Like the best orange creamsicle ever!

Pipe or spoon some of the filling onto those gorg green shells, sandwich, and enjoy!

Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s the end of the year of the rabbit…

PS- Did I mention macarons are gluten free?  Yes!  I know!

Print out a 4×6 recipe card for your files:
Green Tea and Orange Macarons Recipe Card

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