Join me at the Better Homes and Gardens Cooking Experience in Des Moines, Iowa, October 10-11, 2014, for a fabulous, exclusive Holiday Event!

BH&G Cooking Experience | Baking a Moment

Good morning my dear friends!  I am getting a little bit of a slow start today; I had the most exhausting but exhilarating day yesterday!  I’m still coming down from the high…

It all began around 3 am, as I tiptoed around my dark little bedroom, pulling the last minute details together to head up to NYC for a visit to the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker event.  The magazine editors put together the most wonderful day of learning and fun for us bloggers, and it was such a blast to meet so many new friends!  I could go on and on about how every little detail was considered, but really, I want to focus on what is coming up next in the BHG world, because I want this to be about you!

If you are reading this blog, then it’s probably pretty safe to say that you love food, right?  I’m sure you’re probably a lot like me, watching food shows on TV, pinning recipes, reading food magazines and cookbooks… you probably own a tattered copy (or two!) of that iconic red plaid cookbook…?

Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchens

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to see the test kitchens at Better Homes and Gardens?  Meet the editors?  Get a first-hand glimpse of how all the magic happens?

It can be a reality, friends, and we can do it together.  !!!

Better Homes and Gardens Cooking Experience | Baking a Moment

In about a month, I’ll be flying out to Des Moines, Iowa, to visit the main headquarters of Better Homes and Gardens, and I want you to come too!  They’re hosting their first-ever “Cooking Experience,” and the event is open for anyone to attend!  Just consider this post your personal invitation from moi 😉

There will be a tour of the photography studios, test kitchens and gardens, and you’ll get to hobnob with the best and brightest in the business.  Scott Peacock will be there, teaching us all about his favorite comfort foods, layered with flavors that are perfect for the holidays.  And Gesine Bullock-Prado will be sharing her simple steps for creating spectacular centerpiece desserts, and how to make your slow cooker look great (and cook great!) on your holiday table.  Ya, that’s right, this is all about the holidays!  Great timing, right?

Better Homes and Gardens Gayle Butler | Baking a MomentSays Gayle Butler, Editor in Chief: “This cooking experience gives us a chance to bring our holiday pages to life and invite consumers into our kitchen to engage with editors face to face, meet other entertaining enthusiasts, and learn simple and inexpensive ways to make their holiday shine.”  

What do you say, wanna meet me there?  Let’s do this!  Here’s the link to get your ticket.

PS- Have you looked at Better Homes and Gardens magazine lately?  They blow me away every month.  I’ve been a loyal reader for well over a decade, but I’ll never forget when I first “discovered,” it so many years ago.

I don’t quite remember what it was that possessed me to first crack the pages, but up until that point I had always dismissed it as a magazine for my mom and grandmother.  It is around 90 years old, after all.  So, there I was, a young 20-something career chippy, newly out on my own, with a condo and a fun group of friends and family that I wanted to entertain and impress.  My socks were pretty much knocked off when I realized that Better Homes and Gardens had all the inspiration I needed, right there in one place.  Entertaining ideas, gorgeous design, decor, fashion, and food…  And guys: so fresh and youthful. Classic, yet so on-trend.  Just flawless.  I’ve been a disciple ever since, and I get a little thrill every time I open my mailbox to find the newest issue.

If you haven’t checked it out recently, I urge you to pick up a copy.  I think you will be really surprised by how colorful and modern it is!  Here are a few examples of the kind of thing you can find there:

Better Homes & Gardens: Food, Design, Entertaining, and Gardening | Baking a Moment

1. All-Time Favorite Recipes
2. Stylish Budget Decorating
3. Party Planning
4. Container Gardening

Follow Better Homes and Gardens for tons of inspiration on how to infuse color and creativity into every aspect of your life:

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 Have a great weekend everybody!  Talk to you again on Monday!

All images displayed in this post are copyrighted to, and have been used with permission from Better Homes and Gardens.
This is a sponsored post; but all opinions expressed here are straight from my heart.

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