Orange Scented Mini Bundt Cakes Filled with Fresh Raspberries and Topped with Softly Whipped Coconut Cream.  These Individual Tea Cakes are hiding a Sweet, Summery Surprise!

Orange Raspberry Mini Bundt Cakes | Baking a Moment

By the time you’re reading this post, it’ll be Monday, but I’m actually writing it on the Friday before.  Things are winding down here at Baking a Moment headquarters.  I’m headed out on a little getaway for the next few days.  We’ve kept the kids off day camp for the week and I’m really looking forward to spending some quality family time with them and giving them lots of attention (and cuddles!).

But before the week is over I have one more recipe to share with you all.  You are definitely going to want to pin this sweet idea for your next get-together!

These buttery-moist and fragrant mini-bundt cakes are scented with orange and filled with juicy summer berries.  The whipped coconut cream topping is so light and summery!

Orange Raspberry Mini Bundts | Baking a Moment

Such a lovely dessert for this time of year.

You can grab the recipe over at Hip Foodie Mom.  You guys know my friend Alice.  I talk about her all the time.  She is such a wonderful friend and goodhearted person.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for her, and, as she said in one of her own posts, have felt an unmistakable bond with her as a fellow mom.  This week she’s enjoying a family vacation with her hubby and adorable little ones, and I am so happy to be filling in for her today while she enjoys some much-needed downtime!

So click on over to check out my guest post, and be sure to poke around her site while you’re there!  You’ll find all sorts of fabulous recipes, both sweet and savory.

Orange Raspberry Mini Bundt Cakes | Baking a Moment

Have a wonderful week!  Even though I’ll be away all week I’ve worked ahead and lined up some really great recipe posts, so stay tuned!

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