This twist on the Classic South American Alfajores is like a Pumpkin Pie in Cookie Form!  The Pumpkin Butter is so Easy to Prepare, and both the Cookies and the Filling are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and have No Refined Sugar.

Like Pumpkin Pie in Cookie Form! Pumpkin Alfajores, GF, DF, & No Refined Sugar

I’m stepping a little outside of my comfort zone with this recipe!  It happens to be: 1) Gluten-Free, 2) Dairy-Free, and 3) Free of Refined Sugar.

Bet ya never thought you’d find that kinda thing on Baking a Moment!

To be honest, I never thought I would either!!  Truth be told, it’s all in the name of friendship.

My good friend Nora, who blogs over at A Clean Bake, is having a verrrrry busy week.  I’m talking wedding dress fitting, flower appointment, makeup trial, and bridal shower kinda busy.  😉

Her wedding is in a little over a month.  I’m so happy for her.  I want her to enjoy every second of this incredible milestone in her life.  She shouldn’t have to waste a single moment worrying about posting on her blog.  So-> I’m handling that for her today!

Like Pumpkin Pie in Cookie Form! Pumpkin Alfajores, GF, DF, & No Refined Sugar

I made a few ingredient substitutions to the traditional South American alfajores recipe, just to make them extra gentle on sensitive tummies.  The texture just melts in your mouth, and the flavor is so perfect for fall- especially with this easy-peasy (and healthy!) pumpkin butter filling.  It’s just like a mini pumpkin pie, but it cookie form.  And healthy!

Click on over to A Clean Bake to read all about it and download the recipe!  And be sure to tell Nora I sent you!

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