Get your summer s’mores fix with these fabulous treats featured on yesterday morning’s Fox Philadelphia Good Day show!  

Summer S'mores Treats on Fox Philadelphia | Baking a Moment

Hey everybody!  This post is going up a bit later than I had planned.  Yesterday kinda kicked my butt.  I had a great time but I’m a little behind now and just doing my best to get caught up on alllll the things!

So I did it!  Another great feature on Fox Philly’s Good Day show.  This time I brought my friend Kellie along from The Suburban Soapbox, and my little niece Brooke who totally stole the show!  How could the camera man not fall in love with that cutie-patootie face and those wide green eyes!


Now, if you want to grab the recipes, you can find everything I talked about in the clip here, PLUS a few others 😉  And Kellie’s S’mores Cannoli are here, and her Grilled S’mores Pizza is right here.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!  xo

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