European Style Hot Chocolate

Indulge in this Thick, Intensely flavored European Style Hot Chocolate.  Only a few ingredients and mere seconds stand between you and the most Luxurious Treat you’ve ever warmed your palms around.

European Style Hot Chocolate | Baking a Moment

Have you guys ever heard of this?  The hot chocolate in European countries like Spain and Belgium is NOTHING like hot chocolate as we know it, here in the States.

No no no.

When I think of American hot chocolate, I’m picturing a dusty powder, dumped from a foil packet into some hot water, with a few stingy little marshmallows floating around in the thin, sugary brown liquid.

The hot chocolate I savored while in Spain was a complete epiphany.  Thick, almost pudding-like, and exploding with intense chocolate flavor.

Guess what?  It’s so super simple to make.  It literally takes seconds.  And once you’ve tried it, you’ll never be the same again.  Say goodbye to those foil packets!

Click over to The Kitchenthusiast for the recipe, and a complete photographic tutorial with a super smart trick for how to whip up this indulgent treat in just moments.

*This post was featured on the Show Stopper Saturday link party on Joyful Healthy Eats*

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    • Allie {Baking A Moment} says

      No! I’ve never been to Paris :( But I do remember the hot chocolate being really good in Italy too! I hope you do try it this way, it’s such a treat, and so simple to prepare! Thanks for the great comment, Kelly!

  1. Gloria // Simply Gloria says

    Allie, this is exactly how I love my hot cocoa! I love how you described the American way… and why does it have to be that way… this way is so much more sinful. Besides, I’d have a cup of melted chocolate than chocolate flavored water any day of the year! Pinned and definitely can’t wait to make this very soon. ;)
    Gloria // Simply Gloria recently posted…Fried Dulce de Leche Cookie DoughMy Profile

    • Allie {Baking A Moment} says

      Why does it indeed??? How did we ever become so complacent with what we eat and drink in this country. Even if you can’t wear designer clothes or drive a fancy car, odds are you can afford to enjoy the most delicious food. All it takes is a little extra time and care, and most times, it’s actually cheaper to make your own than to use something prepackaged! Thanks so much for the great comment, Gloria, and for pinning too!

  2. michael says

    Hi Allie, the European hot chocolate looks delicious! I love hot chocolate but I don’t think I have ever had the European hot chocolate. Looks so comforting! Thank you for sharing! “:-)

    Thank you for posting my Hot Fudge Cake photos to your pinterest!
    Michael :-)

    • Allie {Baking A Moment} says

      Me either, Shikha, and you know it’s bad when a born and bred American says that! I always make my own, whether it’s this kind of decadent hot chocolate, or a slightly less heavy (but equally flavorful!) hot cocoa. I’m so over those packets! Thanks for the great comment, and have a great weekend! :D

  3. Grace says

    Funny coz the first thing that came to mind when I saw this post is baked churros. And then I read you did the same. Will try this soon!

    • Allie {Baking A Moment} says

      You’ve gotta have some kind of dipper for this hot chocolate! Ha ha, great minds think alike I guess! The baked churros were fabulous, but I think it’d be equally good with a shortbread cookie or even just a piece of cinnamon toast! Have a great weekend, Grace! And thanks so much for the sweet comment ;)

    • Allie {Baking A Moment} says

      Thank you so much for clicking over, Jelli! I LOVE this kind of hot chocolate- I feel like it’s almost more dessert than it is beverage! I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, my dear! <3

  4. Kelly says

    Holy moly, now this is what I call hot chocolate! I love how decadent and thick it looks – totally drooling! Pinned and clicking over to check out the recipe :)


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