Satisfy your chocolate craving with these fudge brownie cookies! They’re so soft & chewy, and the recipe is super quick & easy to make!

Soft chewy brownie cookies from scratch

Brownie cookies!

I have to say, I’ve really been enjoying all the light, summery dessert recipes we’ve shared over the last few weeks. Fruity, light, and refreshing treats like strawberry shortcake, key lime pie and blueberry muffins are always a great way to celebrate the warm, sunny weather.

But at a certain point, I need me some chocolate!

Homemade chocolate brownie cookie recipe with chocolate chips

These brownie cookies are the best way to get your chocolate fix! They’re so fudgy and soft, and the chocolate flavor is off the charts!


I tinkered with my favorite brownie recipe to create a cookie version. And now I can’t tell which I like better, the original bars or these chocolate brownie cookies!

They’re easy to make, from scratch! No box mix necessary. You only need a handful of simple ingredients. I bet you probably have them all in your cupboard already!

This cookie recipe bakes up soft and a little chewy around the edges, just like a fudge brownie. They’re so comforting and chocolate-y. Get a glass of milk ready, and indulge your chocolate craving.


It’s basically just a dump and stir kinda recipe, although it is best to add the ingredients in a certain order.

Sugar, cocoa powder, and melted butter first, then the eggs and vanilla, then the flour, leavening, and salt, and finally, the chocolate chips.

Chocolate chips are totally optional, but I really love how extra chocolate-y they make these brownie cookies.

If you’d rather leave them out, that’s totally fine! Or you could sub in walnuts instead. That would really enhance the whole brownie experience.

Scoop the dough with a 1.5 tablespoon scoop. If you scoop the brownie cookies larger or smaller, it will affect the yield as well as the bake time. They may also spread too much or not enough.

Bake them at 375 degrees F for 10 to 12 minutes, for soft, gooey centers and edges that are just a little bit chewy. If you prefer a less soft, chewier cookie, then a slightly longer bake time is best. If you want them crispy, bake even longer.

Fudgy brownie cookie recipe


These cookies will be meltingly soft when they’re fresh from the oven. As they sit out at room temperature they will firm up a little more.

If you store them in an air-tight container, they should stay soft for several days.

There is nothing better, in my opinion, than a warm chocolate chip cookie. So, after these brownie cookies have baked and cooled, I like to re-warm them in the microwave to get those chips nice and melty again. Every microwave is different, but for me, 2 cookies take about 10 to 15 seconds to just gently warm.

Warm brownie cookies! The absolute best.


To keep these brownie cookies soft and fresh, it’s best to seal them in an airtight container. The less air around them, the longer they will keep.

They’re fine at room temperature for several days, or you can pop them into the fridge for a week or so.

Any longer than that, and the freezer is probably the best option for you. Just wrap them really well so they don’t pick up any funny freezer odors, and store them for a month or two. Thaw them at room temperature and you’re good to go.

Fudge brownie cookies no box mix

So, next time that chocolate craving hits, mix up a batch of these easy chocolate chip fudge brownie cookies! You’ll be so glad you did!

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Soft chewy brownie cookies from scratch
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Brownie Cookies

Servings: 38 cookies
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Satisfy your chocolate craving with these fudge brownie cookies! They’re so soft & chewy, and the recipe is super quick & easy to make!



  • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F, and line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  • Place the sugar, cocoa, and melted butter in the bowl of an electric mixer, and mix on low speed until combined.
  • Add the egg, egg yolk, and vanilla, and mix until combined.
  • Add the flour, baking powder, and salt, and mix until combined (do not overmix, or the cookies may not spread properly and/or could be tough).
  • Fold in the chocolate chips, and scoop balls of dough with a 1.5-tablespoon scoop onto the prepared baking sheets, allowing about 2 inches in between for spreading.
  • Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, or until the cookies are set around the edges but still soft in the middle.
Serving: 1cookie, Calories: 126kcal, Carbohydrates: 15g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 6g, Saturated Fat: 4g, Cholesterol: 17mg, Sodium: 45mg, Potassium: 106mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 10g, Vitamin A: 110IU, Calcium: 18mg, Iron: 1.1mg
Cuisine: American
Course: Dessert
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