Homemade Sticky Buns by BakingAMoment.com


Sticky Buns

Homemade Sticky Buns make a Decadent Breakfast Treat!  Sweet Yeast Dough is Enriched with Butter and Eggs, rolled with Cinnamon Sugar, and Baked in a pool of Brown Sugar and Honey Caramel.  Enjoy them with Nuts and Raisins if you like!  These Sticky, Sweet Buns are in the Tradition of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Today, I am honored to be guest posting on one of my favorite baking blogs, Sweet2EatBaking.com!  The author, Lisa, happens to be the designer behind this blog!  I am also proud to say she’s a very good friend of mine.  🙂  I made her these delicious homemade sticky buns, so if you’d like to read all about them and snag the recipe for your files, just click on over to her lovely page and you’ll find it there!  Hope you all enjoy!




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