Make this easy no-churn Oreo ice cream with just 5 ingredients! Creamy, sweet, and airy, with tons of crunchy cookies in every bite!

Homemade oreo ice cream in a white ceramic loaf pan with a vintage ice cream scoop.

Comin’ in hot with another great ice cream recipe for ya! Oreo ice cream!

This one is a real favorite! You just can’t beat the combination of creamy vanilla ice cream studded all throughout with crunchy Oreo cookies!

And this recipe does it right. It’s made in no-time flat with no ice cream maker needed!

I’m all about no-churn ice cream recipes. I’ve been building up the archive, and now there are so many yummy choices! Have a look at my no-churn chocolate ice cream, no-churn coffee ice cream, no-churn mint chocolate chip ice cream, and no-churn strawberry ice cream and you’ll see!

And if cookies and cream ice cream is your favorite, then read on for all my best tips and tricks on how to make this fabulous treat!

Cookies and cream ice cream scooped into a ruffled white porcelain bowl.

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What’s great about this Oreo ice cream recipe

  1. Tastes amazing: This recipe whips up so sweet and vanilla-y, with loads of cookies in every bite!
  2. Perfect texture: It’s so creamy! Yet light and airy at the same time.
  3. Few ingredients: You’ll only need 5 simple ingredients to make this.
  4. Easy to make: It legit only takes 10 minutes to make. The hardest part is waiting for it to freeze!

Cookies & cream ice cream ingredients

You’ll only need 5 ingredients to make this classic dessert.

Ingredients for making Oreo ice cream, with text labels.


Make sure you’re buying “heavy cream,” “whipping cream,” or “heavy whipping cream” for this recipe. They are all different labels that mean the same thing. If you are outside of the US, it could also go by the name “double cream.”

Light cream won’t work for this recipe. Neither will half and half or milk. You need the high fat content in order for it to whip up stiff enough to hold a stiff peak.

Condensed Milk

Sweetened condensed milk is sold in 14 ounce cans. This ingredient will sweeten your ice cream base.

It’s made from whole milk, boiled down with sugar until thick.

The consistency is similar to caramel, but it’s not brown.

Make sure you’re buying condensed milk and not evaporated milk. Evaporated milk is similar, but it doesn’t have any sweetness to it.


Vanilla extract adds a subtly sweet flavor without being at all sugary.

For a more pronounced flavor, try using vanilla bean paste. You could also split a vanilla bean down the center lengthwise, scrape out the seeds, and add those.


Salt carries the flavors and intensifies them. The end result won’t taste salty, but it will make everything so much more flavorful!

I like kosher salt best because it doesn’t have any additives (table salt usually contains iodine and that can leave a bitter taste), so the flavor is pure. It’s also inexpensive and easy to find in a regular grocery store.


I prefer regular Oreos here. But if you like double stuffed or some other variety, feel free to mix things up!

If you use gluten-free Oreos, this is a gluten-free dessert.

Or, if you really want to be a superstar, use homemade Oreos!

Special Equipment

You don’t need anything too out of the ordinary to make this. Just a few kitchen basics!

How to make this ice cream Oreo

This easy recipe comes together in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Whip the cream

This can be done by hand with just a whisk, but it happens so much more quickly and easily if you use an electric mixer.

Whipping cream to stiff peaks with an electric hand mixer.

Fit it with the whisk attachment and make sure the cream is cold from the fridge.

As soon as the cream can hold stiff peaks, go ahead and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Fold in the condensed milk, salt, & vanilla

Add the condensed milk, salt, and vanilla to the bowl.

Adding condensed milk, vanilla, and salt to whipped cream.

Fold these in gently, taking care to not knock all the little air bubbles out.

Folding no-churn ice cream ingredients together.

Once everything is well incorporated, you can add the cookies.

Step 3: Layer in the cookies

I like to just layer the Oreos in, in a few additions.

Layering cookies and ice cream into a loaf pan.

Step 4: Freeze

Transfer the mixture to a freezer-friendly container, and that’s pretty much it!

As soon as your ice cream is frozen hard enough to scoop, you’re good to go!

Scoop the ice cream into individual bowls, like you see here, and dig in!

Or, pop it into ice cream cones!

You could also use this to make an ice cream cake.

Or use brownies or cookies to make ice cream sandwiches.

There are so many possibilities!

Expert tips

Use heavy cream

Light cream, half and half, and milk do not have a high enough fat content to whip up properly.

Use cold cream

Cold cream will whip up faster and easier. You can chill your bowl and whisk too!

Sweeten with condensed milk

I have not tried making this with sugar, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t work as well. Sweetened condensed milk adds a little richness along with the sugar.

Fold gently

The ice cream base should still be fluffy when it goes into the freezer. This will give your final product the loveliest texture.

I think crispy chocolate chip cookies would be great! So would vanilla wafers, peanut butter cookies, or graham crackers.

Ice cream Oreo being scooped from a loaf pan, with a blue cloth in the background.

Frequently asked questions

Does this have caffeine?

This recipe contains no caffeine, other than the trace amounts that might be present in the cookies.

Is it healthy?

Have a look at the nutritional info in the recipe card below for all the specifics.

As noted above, if using gluten-free cookies, this is a gluten-free dessert. It’s also nut-free, egg-free, and vegetarian.

But it does contain dairy, so it’s not vegan.

What is the serving size?

The nutritional info below is based on a 2/3-cup serving size.

How to store

Cover the container tightly with plastic wrap, and this ice cream should keep in the freezer for a month or two.

Cookie and cream ice cream served in a small bowl with a black spoon.

A few more of my favorite Oreo recipes

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Homemade oreo ice cream in a white ceramic loaf pan with a vintage ice cream scoop.
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No-Churn Oreo Ice Cream

Servings: 8.5 2/3-cup servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Freeze Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
Make this easy no-churn Oreo ice cream with just 5 ingredients! Creamy, sweet, and airy, with tons of crunchy cookies in every bite!



  • Whip the cream in a large mixing bowl until stiff.
  • Fold in the condensed milk, vanilla, and salt.
  • Layer the mixture with Oreos, in a freezer-safe container.
  • Freeze until hard (approx. 2 hours).
Serving: 0.67cup, Calories: 447kcal, Carbohydrates: 43g, Protein: 6g, Fat: 29g, Saturated Fat: 17g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g, Monounsaturated Fat: 8g, Trans Fat: 0.01g, Cholesterol: 79mg, Sodium: 196mg, Potassium: 280mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 36g, Vitamin A: 948IU, Vitamin C: 2mg, Calcium: 174mg, Iron: 3mg
Cuisine: American
Course: Dessert, Snack
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